Creating with the Cosmos: An Astrological Guide to Awakening and Enhancing Creative Power


Everyone has the soul of an artist, and your astrological birth chart provides a map of your unique creative potential. In language that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of your knowledge of astrology, Creating with the Cosmos helps you identify your innate gifts, work through blocks to self-expression, and find inspiration to sustain a creative life.

You’ll also gain practical advice on how to align with seasonal and lunar cycles for creative success, and how to use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage. Check it out

“Creating with the Cosmos is a well-organized and accessible adjunct for those learning astrological symbols. The planetary archetypes behind our basic creative impulses are presented in turn, simply and delicately, in a way that is easy to understand and designed to get the juices flowing, with each section framed in wise words from teachers past and present.” – Jessica Murray, author of Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer’s View of America

Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Feminine


Originally published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine in 2015 and reprinted on, this article explores the connections between the planet and archetype of Venus and Christianity’s “hidden Goddess,” Mary Magdalene. The article covers a lot of ground, from early Christianity to the Burning Times, and is the culmination of years of research.

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Astrology Reports on


While a computerized astrology report can never give you the depth and synthesis of an actual astrology reading, I wrote these reports to be as useful as possible, and have received a lot of great feedback.

Life Purpose: Based on the signs of your Saturn and North Node, this report helps you clarify your life’s mission, and offers support for working through challenges. (No birth time needed!) Get report

Mars Power: This report helps you recognize your unique strengths, courage, passion and individuality so you can express your true self and live up to your heroic potential. You’ll receive a detailed portrait of Mars in your birth chart – by sign, house and aspects. Spirit animal allies are also suggested for each Mars placement. Get report

Creativity: This unique report gives you the tools to connect with your muse and jumpstart your creative expression. You’ll learn about the placement of the Moon, Venus, the Sun and Mars in your birth chart, and how they relate to creativity. (The content of this report is included in my book, Creating with the Cosmos.) Get report