Venus has been associated with the Goddess for thousands of years.

In the Temple of Venus Revolution, we align with Venus’ cycle and draw on her power as an ally in dismantling the patriarchy and priestessing a new paradigm.

Venus Revolution Immersion: Ascent of the Warrior Goddess

Join Emily, Kristine & Cindy on this 8-month revolutionary journey into the Venusian mysteries, March 16 to October 23, 2018 – registration opens March 6!

all women are welcome, at all levels of astro-knowledge (including beginners)

Get a taste of the Venus Revolution

In this one-hour call, recorded on March 7th, you’ll receive an overview of the Venus in Aries cycle, learn what it means that Venus is transitioning out of the Underworld, and get guidance for co-creating with Venus during her 8-month Evening Star phase.

Ascent of the Warrior Goddess: Venus Returns As An Evening Star

On March 31st, 2017, Venus started a new 19-month cycle in Aries, the Warrior Goddess. This will be the last Venus in Aries cycle in our lifetimes!

The fierce feminine is on the rise.

We’ve seen evidence of this Aries Venus cycle in the revolutionary MeToo movement, and in the immense popularity and cultural resonance of the movie Wonder Woman.

We’re being called to stand up and say NO to the violation and desecration of women, of the Earth, and all her inhabitants. We’re being called to take the lead in pioneering a new reality that honors ALL life. We’re being called into our courage, our commitment and our dedication.

In this Immersion, we’ll cultivate a direct connection with Venus to empower our own fierceness, passion and creativity.

It’s time, Sisters. What the world needs now is women standing in our power, a revolution of love in action.


“I have journeyed in this Venusian Temple this past year and it has been like taking a long dip in a magical healing pond. It has been truly life changing. I love and honor and celebrate myself as a woman, and all women, as never before.”

Venus-Inanna Rises from the Underworld


The story of the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, directly mirrors the astronomical cycle of Venus.

From April to November, 2017, Venus-Inanna descended into the Underworld – a time of dismantling blocks to personal power.

Venus will return from the Underworld on March 4th, when She reappears as an Evening Star. For the next 8 months, Venus will grow higher and brighter in the sky, a phase of empowering the Aries Warrior Goddess.

As Venus-Inanna rises from the Underworld, she passes through seven Gates (Venus-Moon conjunctions), correlating with the seven chakras. At each Gate, She regains a vestment that was surrendered in Her descent.

In this Immersion, we’ll work with the Gates as portals of initiation to empower our own expression of the fierce feminine. We’ll explore the planets and feminine archetypes associated with each chakra (energy center).

You’ll receive in-depth Venusian astro-wisdom, as well as an understanding of the energy system as it specifically applies to women’s bodies, conditioning and history. You’ll also receive suggestions for working with Venus at home – altars, rituals, and other practices.

“I love these immersions! The sisterhood, the education, the wisdom, the guidance, etc. is amazingly powerful, inspirational, and grounding. It is unlike anything else I’ve experienced but it’s something I have craved.”

During our 8 months together, you will:


  • deepen and expand your understanding of the feminine through the lens of Venusian astrology, energy anatomy, mythology, history and culture;
  • learn astrology as a feminine art and practice, in a unique, fun and experiential way;
  • receive support for dismantling your “inner patriarchy” and activating your Warrior Goddess.


All women are welcome, at all levels of astro-knowledge (including beginners)

Find out what Venusian Revolutionaries have said about participating in an Immersion: Ovarimonials

You’ll receive:

  • 8 live 75-minute calls (audio only) with Emily, focused on each of the Gates and current Venusian astrology
  • A bonus class with Kristine, showing you how to find the Gates in your personal birth chart, and how to interpret what that means (two example charts will be selected from the group by random drawing)
  • Recordings of all calls and astrology charts for each Gate
  • A pdf handout for each Gate, including suggested practices, altars, invocations and affirmations
  • The option to participate in a “secret” Facebook Temple (moderated by Kristine & Cindy), where you can receive support for your Venusian journey and mingle with other amazing Warrior Goddesses
  • The option to sign up for a personal Venus reading with Kristine (only for Venusian revolutionaries!) – see below

Dates & Details

Live calls will happen at 10:00am Pacific time, for about 75 minutes (dates subject to change). The calls are timed to happen before each Gate, usually a few days in advance:

1. Friday, March 16: Gate 1 – The Gate of Manifestation
2. Friday, April 13: Gate 2 – The Gate of Creativity
3. Tuesday, May 15: Gate 3 – The Gate of Personal Power
4. Friday, June 15: Gate 4 – The Gate of Compassion
5. Friday, July 13: Gate 5 –The Gate of Communication
6. Friday, August 10: Gate 6 – brow chakra – The Gate of Perception
7. Saturday, September 8: Gate 7 – The Gate of Authority
8. Monday, October 8 (pre-recorded): Gate 8 – The Ascension Gate

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“You opened a doorway or portal to allow the full remembrance of my Divine Feminine energy – the ancient piece of truth, wisdom, and royalty – into my current incarnation. Thank you for opening your heart so I and others might be transformed.”

Optional add-on:

Venus Reading with Kristine
for Venus Immersion participants only

Venus, the planet of the Divine Feminine, is commonly associated with love, money, pleasure, and relationship. She has fascinated us for millennia, inspiring myths and rituals in ancient civilizations around the world with her journey through the sky.

In this special 45-minute Venus reading, Kristine will help you discover the traits and powers of your unique Venus through sign, house placement, aspects, phase and how She appeared in the sky when you were born.

45 minute Venus Reading with Kristine, $85

When you sign up for the Immersion, you’ll receive a link to buy a reading!

Your Venusian Guides

Emily is High Priestess of the Venus Revolution, serving as a translator and voice for Venus.

When I heard the call of the reemerging Divine Feminine, I chose Venus as my starting point for getting to know the Goddess. My research has ranged from scholarly to up-close-and-personal, and has included diverse sources – historical, fictional, channeled, mythological and experiential.

The Venus Revolution grew out of my research and supports women to uncover, remember and embody their Goddess selves.

Early on, Mary Magdalene appeared as a guide to support my Venus project. I uncovered explicit links between Venus and Christianity’s “hidden goddess,” and you can read my findings in the article: “Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Feminine.”

Kristine Backes

I am a teacher, healer, astrologer and writer who left a decades-long corporate communications career in 2010 in search of freedom. In the course of the next seven years I deepened my knowledge and practice of yoga; immersed myself it its sister science of Ayurveda; learned Reiki energy healing; and uncovered a deep intuition about astrology I did not know I had.

I also became intimate with myself, my soul, and my feminine nature. My education included two journeys to India followed by several years as a partner in a natural health clinic in Portland. I then returned to Montana and my original teacher, the mountains.

My soul’s passion is showing people how to listen to their own innate wisdom by moving in closer harmony with the natural world and its rhythms. I am a registered yoga teacher, certified Reiki practitioner and hold a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

Cindy Stockdale

My passion in life is to explore the great mystery and to connect deeply with others. These desires have led me to degrees in Psychology and Archaeology as well as in-depth study of yoga, nutrition and most recently Shamanism and Astrology.

I have been teaching yoga for over 12 years and exploring Shamanism for over 10. These mystery schools are essentially journeys of remembering; there is a call that is answered and through practice an incredible truth is revealed and ultimately the remembrance of unity, wholeness and love.

My call is to create a strong, loving space for others so that they may unveil their deepest truths and then reflect these back to them so they may rise. I love understanding how Astrology, ancestry and the soul’s purpose all interact with one another to create the stage for which this takes place and am honoured and humbled to bear witness to this inner unfolding.