Soul Clarity Astrology Readings with Emily

“You gave me the best astrology reading I’ve ever had.  I’ve had a few readings from some famous astrologers so this is meant as a serious compliment.” – L.T.

If you are in transition, feeling lost or stuck, and looking for:


  • a higher perspective
  • clarification about your life’s purpose and soul’s journey
  • insight into the deeper meaning of now
  • awareness of how this moment fits into the larger context of your life

I can help!

Astrology readings give insight into the meaning and purpose of this moment in time and how you can best utilize available energies. Astrology is a powerful tool for identifying your unique mission, and how your individual story intersects with the unfolding collective drama.

These readings are intended to LIGHT YOU UP.

Life is too precious and the stakes are too high to be living at low-wattage. The world needs every one of us living our unique genius and full brilliance, shining in our passion and purpose.

capricorn new moon
“A reading with Emily is equitable to at least 6 months of counseling!” – Carol W.
“My reading with Emily was the best gift I could’ve given myself. For the first time in my life I feel seen for who I am and validated about the path I’m on.” – Jen C.
“I have had many astrological sessions before. My session with Emily surpassed all my previous experiences.” – Shanon S.
“Rarely are expectations exceeded, but this is one such instance. Emily is extraordinarily gifted, in so many dimensions. My session was an encounter that has continued to resonate profoundly in spiritual, psychic, and intellectual ways.” – Kimberly S.
“The breadth and depth of what she shared with me during our session was truly amazing. She is deeply intuitive, extremely compassionate and brilliant at putting all the pieces together and sharing them in a way that is empowering.” – Jeri D.
“It was like looking into the most accurate mirror of yourself and being instilled with the energy to grow and expand the best parts of yourself.” – Sara B.

My intention as an astrologer is to offer practical guidance, healing and support for you to become your highest vision of your self.

I’ve been reading charts professionally since 1999, and have studied astrology for almost 40 years.

In your Soul Clarity Astrology Reading you will receive:


  • Empowerment to embrace your life path and live your truth.
  • Guidance for deepening into your own intuition, knowing and self-trust.
  • Clarity about right timing for making big decisions and taking action.
  • Insight into the deeper meaning and purpose of this time, and how this period fits into the larger context of your life.
  • A higher perspective on current events and any challenges or issues.

Details about readings:

I am no longer offering live astrology readings. Instead, I’m offering 30-minute-ish readings by recording for $155. Please read the following before purchasing a reading below.

Here’s how it works: Once you purchase a reading below, please contact me and let me know why you want a reading at this time (what is happening in your life that prompted you to receive a reading) and how I can help you. The more detailed you are, the better I’ll be able to support you. If we haven’t worked together before, I’ll also need your birth info (date, time and place of birth). I reply to emails within 24 hours – if you do not hear back from me, my response is likely in your spam folder.

I’ll send you an mp3 recording and a copy of your chart within two weeks (if my schedule gets backed up and it’s going to take longer, I’ll let you know and you’ll have the option of a refund).

If you are buying the reading as a gift certificate, let me know in your message the name of the person you’re buying it for, and I’ll email you a gift certificate.


Current subscribers to my Lunar Attunement series receive a special rate for recorded readings! If you’re a subscriber, purchase your reading here.