Virgo New Moon: Receiving the Harvest



The Virgo New Moon (September 9, 2018) brings a powerful activation of EARTH – the element that rules material manifestation.

After months of retro-stuckness, we have some serious creative mojo at this New Moon, and can finally make tangible progress toward our goals.

The New Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces, calling us to balance our Virgoan busyness with Piscean rest, relaxation and spaciousness. In order to discern how to best utilize the potent manifestation energies of this New Moon, we need to listen deeply to the quiet, subtle voice of the soul.

And, as Venus has recently entered her retrograde shadow, issues of receptivity and worthiness can arise. Do we feel worthy of receiving what the Universe is bringing to us? Are we trying to control, and thereby blocking, the flow of abundance?

In this one-hour lunar download from Emily, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance for working with the Virgo New Moon for growth, healing and success. (The link to the recording will be in your order receipt.)


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