Virgo Full Moon: Purify Your Perception



Approaching the Super Full Moon in Virgo, peaking February 19, we’re navigating some major planetary shifts. The headline: Chiron’s move from Pisces to Aries.

The fundamental question for Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is WHO AM I? How we answer this question determines how we live our lives. Are we small, separate, solely physical beings at the mercy of random external events, or are we infinite consciousness, divine beings with the power to create our reality?

At the Full Moon, Mercury, ruler of Virgo, will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces. The higher potential is to dissolve the old mental conditioning, the old programs that limit our perception of who we are. We have the opportunity to open the doors of perception and expand our vision to see who we REALLY are, to unplug from the Matrix and plug into Source, opening our lives to new possibilities.

This Full Moon is the most powerful Supermoon of the year – traveling closest to Earth. The Moon will appear super-sized and its effects will be more potent. The Full Moon is also the fourth in a series of five Full Moons at the “zero” degree – the degree of reset, new beginnings, clean slate, and infinite potential.

In this one-hour Full Moon transmission, you’ll get in-depth astro-guidance for navigating these powerful planetary energies. We cover the Virgoan details about the upcoming Mercury retrograde – an influence that begins at the Full Moon and lasts until mid-April – and much more.

And, you’ll receive a group energy-healing session to clear fear, empower your sense of sight, balance worry and open the heart.

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