Virgo Super Full Moon: The Power of Your Attention



The Super Full Moon in Virgo – March 9th, 2020 – is the energetic and emotional peak of this intense Pisces season.

The Corona virus and associated mass freakout reflect the mega-fear factor of the heavy line-up of planets in Capricorn, mixed with the chaos and confusion of Pisces. (Pisces is also associated with “invisible threats,” like communicable diseases.) Add into the mix Mercury (information, the media) retrograde in Pisces (delusion, deception). Quite a stew!

Fear is a readily available frequency in the collective right now, and there IS a lot we could freak out about. The Full Moon in earthy Virgo helps us get grounded, anchor into our bodies, and discern what’s actually true in our here-and-now experience.

Where we place our attention moment by moment (Virgo) determines the collective dream (Pisces). The Virgo Full Moon reminds us that we’re ALL creating the collective dream, and each one of us has equal power in that creation.

Coinciding with the Full Moon, Mercury, ruler of Virgo, stations direct (starts moving forward again) after its 3-week retrograde. Mercury’s turnaround in Aquarius – the sign of truth, freedom and awakening – helps us wake up out of the illusion of fear and powerlessness and reclaim our power.

In this one-hour lunar transmission from Emily, you’ll get all the astro-details about the current cosmic agenda, plus navigational guidance to make the most of these potent Full Moon energies.

You’ll also receive a group energy healing session to help balance the emotion of worry (very Virgo!), strengthen the throat chakra, and clear the fear of speaking your truth.

Note: the link to the recording will be in your order receipt (please check your spam folder if not in your inbox).

Feedback from lunar listeners:

“i have loved this call!! thank you for sharing your uplifting energy and enthusiasm… sooo needed at this time.”

“This call was nothing short of brilliant – the comprehensive big picture and little details…and such great insight.”

“Thank you very much for your calming/wise perspective!”


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