Venus Revolution Immersion: Ascent of the Warrior Goddess (Option 2)




Join Emily, Kristine & Cindy on this 8-month revolutionary journey into the Venusian mysteries, March 16 to October 23, 2018
all women are welcome, at all levels of astro-knowledge (including beginners)

Register here for “Option 2,” which includes 8 calls with Emily plus 8 integration sessions with Kristine & Cindy. For option 1 (just calls with Emily), sign up here

Full Immersion description + preview call recording

In this Immersion, we’ll cultivate a direct connection with Venus to empower our own fierceness, passion and creativity.

As Venus rises from the Underworld, she passes through seven Gates (Venus-Moon conjunctions), correlating with the seven chakras. At each Gate, She regains a vestment that was surrendered in Her descent.

In this Immersion, we’ll work with the Gates as portals of initiation to empower our own expression of the fierce feminine. We’ll explore the planets and feminine archetypes associated with each chakra (energy center).

You’ll receive in-depth Venusian astro-wisdom, as well as an understanding of the energy system as it specifically applies to women’s bodies, conditioning and history. You’ll also receive suggestions for working with Venus at home – altars, rituals, and other practices.

You’ll receive:

  • 8 live 75-minute calls (audio only) with Emily, focused on each of the Gates and current Venusian astrology
  • 8 75-minute Deep Dive integration sessions with Kristine & Cindy, discussing the themes of each Venus Gate, learning how these themes reside in our bodies, and sharing ways to honor Venus through ritual.
  • Each Deep Dive session will include discussion of an example chart from the group, how to find each Gate in our own charts, and what that means
  • Recordings of all calls
  • A pdf handout for each Gate, including suggested practices, altars, invocations and affirmations.
  • The option to participation in a “secret” Facebook group to connect and share with other Venusian Revolutionaries.

Full Immersion description + preview call recording

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