The Warrior Goddess Ascends: Venus at the 7th Gate



On September 12, 2018 Venus-Inanna enters the 7th Gate – the Gate of Authority. At this final Gate in Inanna’s ascent from the Underworld, associated with the Crown chakra, Inanna regains her crown.

This Gate, in effect until October 10, asks: Who’s your master? Do you trust and act on the guidance you receive from the Divine, or do you let FEAR – or an external authority – make decisions for you?

In this 80-minute Venus Revolution call, you’ll receive in-depth Venusian astro-guidance for working with this Gate over the next month.

We dive into the connection between the Crown and Root, how “survival fear” and trauma held in the root can block us from opening to divine guidance and grace; Saturn’s association with the Crown chakra; Venus in Scorpio; the female Spiritual Leader archetype; and patriarchy’s fear of the Crone.

We also look at Venus’ current square to Mars, how that fits into the larger two-year Venus-Mars cycle – the dance between the feminine and masculine – and how to interpret what that might mean for you personally.

In addition to the recording, you’ll also receive a handout with further information, practices and resources for the 7th Gate, as well as the chart of the 7th Gate.

NOTE: The link to the replay will be in your order receipt.


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