The Warrior Goddess Ascends: Venus at the 6th Gate



On August 14th, 2018 Venus-Inanna enters the 6th Gate in her ascent from the Underworld – the Gate of Perception. Associated with the third eye chakra, this Gate animates the feminine archetype of the Oracle.

In this 80-minute Venus Revolution call, we dive into the history of women as Oracles, the sacred Staff as an ancient feminine tool of prophecy and power, the patriarchal devolution of the Oracle archetype into the Lunatic, the connection between Third Eye and Womb, and the importance of women stepping into our intuitive power and sharing our womb wisdom with the world. And much more!

Plus, you’ll receive astrological and energetic guidance for working with this Gate over the next month.

In addition to the recording, you’ll also receive a handout with further information, practices and resources for the 6th Gate.


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