The Warrior Goddess Ascends: Venus at the 5th Gate



On July 15th, 2018 Venus-Inanna enters the 5th Gate in her ascent from the Underworld – the Gate of Communication. Associated with the throat chakra, this Gate animates the feminine archetypes of Wise Woman and Heretic.

At the 5th Gate, the Venus-Moon conjunction in Virgo forms a Grand Earth Trine with Uranus in Taurus and retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. The symbolism speaks to the potential for liberation from the old, internalized patriarchal structures and stories – and awakening to new awareness and love of our bodies and the Earth.

This 80-minute Venus Revolution call covers a lot of territory! The Knights Templar, heresy and Inquisition, the rise of capitalism and the battle with the BODY, economic revolution… and much more. Plus, you’ll receive astrological and energetic guidance for working with this Gate over the next month.

In addition to the recording, you’ll also receive a handout with further information, practices and resources for this Gate, as well as the chart of the 5th Gate.


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