The Warrior Goddess Ascends: Venus at the 4th Gate



On June 16th, 2018 Venus forms her 4th conjunction with the Moon since reappearing as an Evening Star – the 4th Gate in Inanna’s Ascent from the Underworld.

This is the Gate of Compassion, correlating with the heart chakra, where Inanna regains her breastplate. This Gate is in effect for the next month, until July 15th.

The Venus-Moon conjunction is in Leo the Lioness, conjunct the North Node, opposite Mars and the South Node in Aquarius, and squaring revolutionary Uranus. This is a very juicy Gate!

We’re challenged to break free from old patterns of reactivity and heart-armoring in response to the wounded/distorted masculine. We’re being called into our fierce feminine courage, and the wisdom of our tender, open hearts, to guide us toward creative responses to personal and collective crisis.

In this 80-minute Venus Revolution replay of Emily’s 4th Gate call, you’ll receive astrological and energetic guidance for working with this Gate over the next month. You’ll get a uniquely feminine perspective on Mars retrograde – in effect all summer – and suggestions for how we can respond more effectively to personal and world events.

Lion Shaman Linda Tucker, and her incredible work to save the white lions, serves as our inspiration to step into greater courage, compassion and effective leadership at this Gate.

In addition to the recording, you’ll also receive a handout with further information, practices and resources for this Gate, as well as the chart of the 4th Gate.


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