The Warrior Goddess Ascends: Venus at the 2nd Gate



On April 17th, Venus forms her second conjunction with the Moon since reappearing as an Evening Star. This conjunction marks the 2nd Gate in Inanna’s ascent from the Underworld – the Gate of Creativity, where she regains her Ankle Bracelets.

The 2nd Gate correlates with the womb chakra and is associated with Venus herself. The archetypes of the Tantric Lover and Sacredly Sexual Priestess come alive here – split off into the Wife and Whore under the patriarchy.

In this 80-minute recording, you’ll learn all about the 2nd Gate, the Sacredly Sexual Priestess, and how you can attune to and align with Venus during this phase to empower your pleasure and fulfillment.

You’ll also receive a handout with suggested practices and resources for this Gate, as well as a copy of the chart of the 2nd Gate. We’ll be in the energy of the 2nd Gate for one month, until May 17th.

One satisfied Venusian said: “Holy Shit, Emily! That call was incredible. The info you transmuted is resonating deep. deep. deep.”


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