Taurus New Moon: A Radical Reset to Create A More Beautiful World



The Taurus New Moon on May 4th calls you back to your body, back to the Earth, to get grounded, reset your energy, and revitalize your life force. This lunar cycle supports you to take practical steps toward creating a more beautiful, fulfilling, prosperous and pleasurable life.

The power of this New Moon is amplified by its co-incidence with true Beltane – the cross-quarter holy day marking the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. At the height of the spring season, we celebrate the abundance and beauty of the natural world, as well as the generative power of sexuality – the source of life.

We’ve been in the swirl and grind of the two major astro-headlines of 2019 – the Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction and the Jupiter-Neptune square, which continue to be strong at this New Moon. And, the New Moon harmonizes with both Saturn and Neptune, supporting you to harness these transformational forces in creative and productive ways.

With Uranus – planet of revolution and liberation – now in the sign of the Bull, it’s time to get radical in the Taurus-ruled realm of money, to free ourselves from the old patriarchal paradigm. In this call, we dive into the origin of the word Taurus, uncover why Taurus rules money, and why money in the hands of women is “pussy coming home” (in the words of Kasia Urbaniak).

Check out this 6-minute excerpt from the call for an introduction to these Taurus New Moon themes – listen now.

In the full one-hour lunar transmission, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance for navigating the planetary energies over the next moonth.

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