Taurus New Moon: Anchor Into the Infinite & Activate Inner Resources

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The New Moon in Taurus on May 11th marks the entry into Eclipse Season, in effect for the next six weeks. “Fated” events are catalyzed into motion, and we can expect dramatic turning points in our own lives and in the collective.

To support us through the wild times ahead, we can work with this New Moon to draw on Taurus’ steadiness, resourcefulness and creativity. The New Moon harmonizes with Neptune, suggesting that we can increase our sense of security and safety by deepening connection with the unseen. When we know ourselves as infinite Source consciousness, we become unshakeable in the face of external instability.

The New Moon also forms a tense square with Jupiter, now at the very last degree of Aquarius and about to transition into Pisces. Jupiter at the end of Aquarius can amplify the freak-out factor about the future, while the Taurus Moon invites us to keep returning to the body’s wisdom, and the Earth’s natural rhythms, in the here and now.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, will reemerge from her 3-month Underworld a few days after the New Moon, regaining power as she reappears as the evening star. All Venus-ruled arenas – love, money, art, worthiness – will get a boost of flow and grace.

In this 80-minute New Moon recording, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance for working with the current planetary energies, and making the most of this new lunar cycle – in effect for the next moonth.

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