Taurus Full Moon: Awakening the Body’s Healing Potential



The Taurus Full Moon (October 24) is the culmination of a retro-Venusian lunar cycle that’s stirring up some intense shiznit, especially in the arenas of love and money.

If you’re feeling triggered and reactive, you’re right on time. The parts of ourselves that are the most stuck, most resistant to change, are exactly what’s coming into awareness to be felt, held and healed.

The Full Moon is conjunct Uranus, intensifying and accelerating the wounding/healing process, AND bringing in the higher potential of liberation. Freedom from our old, habitual emotional reactions, freedom from destructive and self-sabotaging patterns of relating, freedom to create a different future.

We open up this liberating potential by being willing to meet our wounding and our fear, to take responsibility for our pain rather than projecting it on others.

Here’s a 5-minute excerpt from the Full Moon call offering insight into the Taurus-Scorpio polarity and suggestions for how to access the available healing potential. Listen now

In the full 75-minute call, you’ll get much more in-depth astro-guidance, and also receive a group energy healing session to help clear the fear of vulnerability and to balance the Womb chakra – the energy center of intimacy, pleasure and creativity.

And, you’ll get a detailed handout about how to work with Venus retrograde (October 5-November 16).

The link to the recording will be in your order receipt.


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