Transformation and Rebirth: The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of 2020

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Holy intensity!! 2020 starts with a formidable line-up in Capricorn, most notably the rare conjunction of slow-moving Saturn and Pluto. Intensity and pressure, high stakes and karmic crossroads, major endings and beginnings… this new year is not f-ing around!

Join Emily to dive into all the Virgoan details about this exciting and powerful cosmic configuration. In this 90-minute class, we take an in-depth look at the chart of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and explore:

  • the closing Saturn-Pluto cycle that started in 1982-83 (and why the old relationship paradigms are falling apart!)
  • the new Saturn-Pluto cycle that starts in January 2020, and how you can best work with its energies for healing, growth and success
  • how to identify where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is happening in your own birth chart, and interpret what that means

You’ll receive links to both the video and audio-only recordings of the class, as well as a handout on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

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Enthusiastic participants said:

“Just finished listening to this AMAZING class… Thank you so, so, so much for all the magic & wisdom & insight (& handouts!) you bring to this lucky world!”

“that was amazing. i can’t thank you enough. i’ll be listening to it for another 34 years! i know it. thank you. thank you.”

“You are so well spoken, inspiring and knowledgeable about Astrology.”

“That zoom call was super informative for me!”

“Very generous and gracious web workshop! You are indeed an excellent ‘foundational skills teacher’ which is so vital – to really set people up well in their learning. More than planting a seed, you are feeding the soil and planting plumb bulbs for beginning astrologers, like me.”

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