Sagittarius New Moon: Renew Your Spiritual Fire



The Sagittarius New Moon (December 6/7) plants a potent seed for expansion and adventure. It’s time to renew our faith and strengthen our inner light to guide and inspire us through the dark of winter.

This New Moon illuminates the larger story and deeper meaning behind seemingly random, confusing incidents and relationships of the past several months. As the dust storm of 2018 starts to settle and we turn toward the New Year, what stories about our past and our potential will fuel our highest vision for the future?

A square from the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces to the New Moon can scatter the Archer’s focus in too many directions and distort or confuse the arrow’s trajectory. We access the higher potential of this aspect – raising our spiritual vibration – through acts of compassionate service, spiritual practice and/or creative expression.

In this 85-minute New Moon call, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance, and an infusion of Sagittarian inspiration, for working with these powerful planetary energies, in effect for the next month.

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