Sagittarius New Moon: Spiritual Fire and Higher Vision



The Sagittarius New Moon on November 26th invites you to stoke and strengthen your spiritual fire, to see the higher vision for your life, and step into a bigger story.

We’re fast approaching what looks like the most intense, life-changing, world-changing astrology of our lives – the rare and potent Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020.

To carry you through the intensity, you can work with this new lunar cycle to cultivate high-vibe Sagittarius: an optimistic vision for the future, an attitude of gratitude and generosity, and a strong connection with your inner truth and higher guidance.

Neptune turns direct the day after the New Moon, infusing the lunar cycle with the power of dreams and the imagination, and increased access to intuition and invisible allies.

In this 65-minute New Moon recording, Emily gives you in-depth astro-navigational guidance for this new lunar cycle, in effect for the next month. We cover Mercury turning direct, Venus conjunct Jupiter at the Galactic Center, Mars in Scorpio, the Mars-Uranus opposition, and more!

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