Sagittarius Super Full Moon Eclipse: Revelation and Release

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The Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, peaking May 26th, 2021, is an extra-powerful Super Full Moon. In Sagittarius, this Eclipse highlights themes of freedom, truth, belief systems, worldview, faith, morality/ethics, law and natural law.

What’s been hidden in the subconscious rises to the surface, demanding to be seen, felt, healed, released. Events are coming to a head, a breaking point. This is a time of breakthrough, revelation, culmination and endings.

The Full Moon conjoins with the South Node – the karmic past – suggesting a major release. We’re on assignment to let go of our old stories and judgments, our old understanding of who we are and how the world works, old attachments to teachers or gurus or any entity onto which we’ve projected our blind faith.

In the mysterious darkness of Eclipse Season, we’re being asked to face our fears, move through resistance and shed the old to prepare for a quantum leap into a new reality.

With six planets and the Nodes in mutable signs, we’re in a field of instability and quickly shifting realities. We’re called to be adaptable and flexible, to go with the flow and keep a sense of humor! We can work with this mutable energy to shapeshift any place in our life that’s become stuck or stagnant – small shifts can make a big difference.

In this one-hour Full Moon download, I go into all the Virgoan details about this very happening time. We cover Saturn’s recent retrograde, Mercury’s approaching retrograde, and much more. And, you’ll receive group energy work to clear fear, balance the Jupiter archetype, harmonize the nervous system, and clear the belief “It’s not safe to let go.”

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