Pisces Full Moon: Magic and Momentum



After a summer of uber-intense, uncomfortable and relentless astrology, the Pisces Full Moon (peaking August 26, 2018) marks a turning point – more ease, more flow, more MAGIC, more momentum. Whew!!

As the Pisces Full Moon opens our psychic sensors and expands our imaginative capacities, the Sun in Virgo calls for greater discernment about what we’re allowing into our physical, mental, emotional and energetic fields. We’re called to purify our bodies and environments so we can be clearer channels for spirit and more easily hear the subtle voice of our intuition.

The day after the Full Moon, action planet Mars – retrograde since June 26th – will start moving forward again. Vitality, momentum and clarity are on the rise!

In this one-hour lunar download from Emily, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance for navigating the Pisces Full Moon and Mars direct. You’ll also receive a group energy-balancing session to support you in digesting and integrating all the change and intensity of the past few months.


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