Libra New Moon: A Radical Resurgence of Love



The New Moon in Libra, September 28, 2019, is a Big Deal!! Not only is it an extra-potent Supermoon, it’s also a re-activator of July’s ass-kicking Eclipses. Reflect on the changes you were going through in July, and how you can take the next step forward – whether that’s taking what you started to another level, or grieving what you lost.

Relationship is a significant arena of change and growth in this new cycle. Keys to navigation include the willingness to step into unknown territory, get out of our heads and deepen into feelings, and release old forms and patterns. With six planets in cardinal signs – the catalysts and initiators of the zodiac – there’s plenty of support for creative new beginnings.

Venus, ruler of Libra, is super-strong in her home sign and reemerging from the Underworld – reappearing as the Evening Star after 40 days of invisibility. (Look for her on the Western horizon, just after sunset!) Evening Star Venus is the Lover, and over the next eight months, as she rises and grows brighter in the night sky, the force of love gains power in the world (may it be so!!).

This call ended up being exactly one hour, 11 minutes and 11 seconds – that’s a lot of “1’s”! Initiatory energies indeed… In this call, I cover the current Moon Wobble, Saturn’s final conjunction with the South Node (whew!), Venus rising from the Underworld, and much more. You’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance and inspiration for navigating this new lunar cycle, in effect for the next moonth and beyond.

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