Libra Full Moon: Healing Wounds to Worthiness

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At Spring Equinox, March 20th, the Sun entered Aries – the sign of the self – initiating the new astrological year and a new cycle of growth.

Now the Super Full Moon illuminates the opposite sign of Libra, peaking March 28th. While Aries is the sign of the self, Libra represents “the other,” relationships of all kinds, projection/reflection, as well as peace, love and balance.

The Libra Full Moon asks: What is being reflected back to you by the significant others in your life? Where do you need to restore balance? Are you giving more than you’re receiving (or vice versa)? Are you pushing too hard to get what you want, or afraid to take the risk of acting on your desires? How can you cultivate inner peace in a chaotic world?

While this Full Moon highlights relationships, it is ultimately about healing the relationship with self. Venus, ruler of Libra, is in Aries, conjunct both the Sun and Chiron.

Whatever the people in our life – and the world at large – are reflecting back to us, we can best work with the energies by pulling back our projections, owning whatever we see “out there” as an aspect of self, and turning inward for deep healing. This Full Moon is a powerful time to transmute any underlying issues of unworthiness or patterns of self-attack.

In this one-hour Full Moon recording, you’ll get in-depth astro-guidance for working with these potent Full Moon energies. We get into Venus in the Underworld, Mars in Gemini on the North Node, and much more!

You’ll also receive group energy work to balance the pituitary (associated with the Third Eye – inner vision), clear the fear of taking the “wrong” action, and tune up the liver (supporting you to act in alignment with your highest evolution).

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