Libra Super Full Moon at the Equinox: Reset Point



The Libra Full Moon on March 20th coincides with Spring Equinox – the start of a new astrological year as the Sun is reborn in the first sign of Aries.

The rare co-incidence of these two powerful cosmic events marks a significant turning point, a time of major endings and beginnings.

The Sun’s conjunction with Chiron – the Shaman, Healer and Mentor – calls for a new beginning in our path of self-healing and service to others. Do we have the courage and confidence to follow our passion and desire? Can we trust our instincts to guide us?

The Libra Full Moon lights up relationship as an arena for healing and adjustment. We’re challenged to come into a greater state of balance – within ourselves and with others.

This Full Moon is also a Supermoon – when the Moon is traveling closest to the Earth – further amplifying its power. And, it’s the fifth and final Full Moon at the “zero” degree – the degree of reset, new beginnings, clean slate, and infinite potential.

With Mercury still retrograde, and conjunct dreamy Neptune, the insights and information we need are available through our intuition and feelings rather than our analytical mind. We’re encouraged to feel our way into the bigger picture and higher perspective, to trust the unfolding Mystery of our life’s path.

In this one-hour Full Moon transmission, you’ll get in-depth astro-guidance for navigating these powerful planetary energies – including the feisty square between Venus and Mars, exact at the Full Moon.

And, you’ll receive a group energy-healing session to balance the kidneys (ruled by Libra) and the womb chakra (ruled by Venus), and to clear the belief “I’m not powerful.”

Note: the link to the recording will be in your order receipt (please check your spam folder if not in your inbox).


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