Libra Full Moon: Relationship Reality Check & Realignment



The Libra Full Moon on March 31st occurs in the wave of momentum following Spring Equinox (March 20), a powerful turning point and the start of a new astrological cycle.

In the midst of this phase of renewal, the Full Moon cautions us to slow down and look within in order to return to balance and realign with our core values.

Venus-ruled Libra is the sign of love and partnership, and relationships of all kinds come into focus – and could be tested – at the Full Moon.

Pragmatic Saturn squares the Full Moon, giving clear feedback about what is and isn’t working in the realm of relationship. And retrograde Mercury opposes the Full Moon, inspiring us to look within to uncover and shift our habitual patterns of relating.

In this one-hour class, Emily offers in-depth astro-guidance for navigating the energies of this Full Moon. You’ll also receive a group energy balancing session, helping to process the emotion of anger and supporting you to take a step closer to oneness consciousness.

This call is FREE if you sign up for the Lunar Creation Circle by April 1st!


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