Libra Full Moon: Culminations and Completions at the Crossroads



The Full Moon that peaks on April 19th is a rare second consecutive Full Moon in Libra – highlighting relationship as an arena for major change. At the 29th (the very last) degree of Libra, this Full Moon catalyzes culminations and completions.

The Sun and Moon square the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the nodal axis, forming a dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross. The Cardinal signs are the initiators and leaders of the zodiac, and the Cardinal Cross represents a crossroads, challenging us to take charge and take decisive action to move forward.

Now that Mercury has completed its retro tour through Pisces (woot woot!), we’re coming out of the fog and have the information we need to make decisions about our future.

However! The Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction in Capricorn can stir up deep survival fears, while the Full Moon in Libra could amplify anxiety about making the “wrong” decision – setting our minds into a spin cycle and endlessly weighing out options.

The North Node in Cancer points the way to finding our true north – to drop down beneath the level of the mind and into our hearts.

In this 70-minute Full Moon transmission, you’ll get in-depth astro-guidance from Emily AND powerful energy work from our special guest star, Galactic Priestess Katie Todd! Katie’s energy work will support you to find your soul-level clarity, move out of frustration and into FLOW, and relax into greater trust and ease.

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