Leo Solar Eclipse: Clarify Your Heart’s Truth and Renew Your LIGHT



The Leo Solar Eclipse (August 11, 2018) is a supercharged New Moon, planting seeds that will grow over the next six months and even 19 years.

This Eclipse – the third and final of the summer – invites you to listen deeply to the truth of your heart, to clarify how you can strengthen and amplify your LIGHT. What steps can you take to bring more happiness, love and creativity into your life, and what do you need to let go of to make that possible?

While a Solar Eclipse carries powerful potential for rebirth and renewal, this one occurs in the context of seven (!!) retrograde planets – turning attention inward and bringing a strong focus to the past.

In this one-hour lunar download from Emily, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance for navigating the complicated and conflicting planetary currents. You’ll learn how to work with the energies of the Leo Solar Eclipse – in effect for the next six months and beyond – for healing, growth and success.




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