Leo Full Moon: Fire Up Your Fun, Love and Creativity



The Leo Full Moon, peaking February 9th, calls for fun and celebration – even amidst the heaviness and weirdness of this time!

While the airy Aquarius Sun is trying to mentally put together the pieces to figure out where we’re headed, the fiery Leo Moon energizes the truth of your heart. This is a time to FEEL into what lights you up and get excited about the future that wants to be birthed through you – even if you don’t yet know exactly what that looks like.

The Full Moon harmonizes with Mars in adventurous Sagittarius, inspiring the courage to take a risk and share your passion and creativity. In a time when faith – Jupiter – is tested, instead of collapsing in fear or trying to control outcomes (or other people), we’re being asked to center ourselves more fully in our hearts, and shine the light of love into the world.

In this one-hour lunar transmission from Emily, you’ll get all the astro-details about the current cosmic agenda, plus navigational guidance to make the most of these potent Full Moon energies.

You’ll also receive a group energy healing session to help balance the solar plexus chakra – your center of power and authenticity – and to clear the fear of expressing yourself and giving love.

Note: the link to the recording will be in your order receipt (please check your spam folder if not in your inbox).


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