Leo Lunar Eclipse: Purge the Past and Open to Love



The Full Moon in Leo is super-potent – both a Supermoon and a Total Lunar Eclipse. The Moon will be at its closest proximity to Earth, appearing bigger and brighter, as the shadow of the Earth passes in front, temporarily blocking the light and turning the Moon blood-red.

This Eclipse stirs up powerful emotions – what we’ve repressed, what we’ve been afraid to see or feel, now comes into awareness. It’s time to break free from old conditioning that blocks the light of our true self, that limits our capacity to love, and isolates us in shame and separation.

If we have the courage to release the past, we have the opportunity to forge a new future, to step into more love, aliveness, passion, joy and creativity. Our best navigational guide through this portal is our heart, and this Eclipse encourages us to drop more deeply into and to TRUST our heart’s knowing.

In this 70-minute lunar transmission, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance from Emily for maximizing the positive potential of the Eclipse. AND, energy healer extraordinaire Katie Todd joins in on this call to help you FEEL the planetary energies in your body, clear blockages and soften defenses, and connect with your heart’s true desires.

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