Jupiter in Scorpio: Commit, Deepen, Transform


Giant Jupiter, planet of expansion, abundance, opportunity and faith, made a major shift on October 10th, 2017 when it moved into Scorpio.

In this 80-minute class with Emily, you’ll get all the astro-details to empower you to make the most of Jupiter’s tour through the Scorpion over the next year.

We cover: being the Edgewalker, breaking taboos, sexual healing, and much more. You’ll also learn how to find where Jupiter will be activating your own birth chart, so you can understand what Jupiter in Scorpio means for YOU.

You’ll receive a handout with dates and details, as well as two example charts.

Check out this 6-minute excerpt from the call to learn about Jupiter’s transition from Libra to Scorpio, and how you can best cooperate with this shift for growth and success (hint: get off the fence!!). Listen now.

Feedback from class participants:

“Totally amazing, you did a wonderful job and I found it so inspiring, and … everything makes so much more sense now! And the notes are great – thank you.”

“You did a spectacular job of inducing Astro-newbies like me, to a basic and intriguing understanding of astrology. Your tone of explanation was so open, generous and nurturing of understanding. It was very notable.”

“So rich and wonderful. Thank you Emily.”

“I learned a ton! Your talk really resonated with me. Thanks!”


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