Gemini New Moon: The Power of Your Word



The Super New Moon in Gemini on June 13th amplifies the power of our thoughts and words to shape reality. If we find ourselves stuck in an old, limiting mental tape about what’s possible, this New Moon offers a chance to rewrite that story and uplevel our circumstances.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is in watery Cancer, the Moon’s home sign. This mutual reception between Mercury and the Moon activates a longing to connect more deeply with ourselves and others, and recommends sensitive, vulnerable communication.

Mercury’s challenging t-square with Chiron and Saturn advises us to be conscious of – and take responsibility for – the power of our thoughts and words to harm or to heal.

In this 70-minute lunar transmission from Emily, you’ll learn how you can co-create with the Gemini Super New Moon for the next month for healing, growth and success. You’ll also receive guidance for Mars retrograde – in effect all summer. You’ll find a copy of the New Moon chart and the best times for New Moon magic on the replay page.


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