Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse: Expand Perception & Recreate Reality

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The Solar Eclipse on June 10th is an extra-powerful and super-auspicious New Moon. This Eclipse marks the start of a new 19-year cycle, and closes out a cycle that started in 2002.

In Gemini, the sign of the mind, the Solar Eclipse presents an opportunity to become more aware of what’s happening on a mental level, and to let go of ideas, perceptions and thought patterns that are not serving you.

Other Gemini arenas up for transformation and rebirth include: communication, connection, learning and education, relationships with siblings and neighbors, and our everyday environment.

Mercury the Magician, ruler of Gemini and presiding deity of this Eclipse, is “cazimi” – closely conjunct or in the heart of the Sun. The higher potential is to receive messages directly from Source, from the divine, and to become aware of opportunities and resources you weren’t able to see before.

Mercury is retrograde, representing a rewiring of perception, a reversal of trajectory, a re-doing or re-thinking of your path and purpose.

Mercury and the Eclipse are squaring Neptune, planet of dreams and the imagination. Neptune opens the doors of perception, increasing access to and connection with the invisible realms of magic and mystery.

In this one-hour New Moon download, you’ll receive all the Virgoan details about how to work with this Eclipse for healing, evolution and success. We cover the Saturn-Uranus square (peaking June 14th!), Venus square Chiron, and much more.

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