Fundamentals of Feminine Power, Module 3


Our Fundamentals of Feminine Power series is focused on dismantling your INNER patriarchy. Emily shares her divinely feminine astrological insights about the planets and chakras, and Katie Todd guides the group through powerful energy healing. We delve into each energy center to uncover and heal any wounds and distortions, and we update each center to support you to stand in your authentic Feminine Power.

Voice and Vision/Throat and Third Eye

Women’s voices and vision are needed in the world now more than ever. Do you want to make a bigger impact, share your truth and wisdom more authentically and courageously, and reach more people with your message? Under the patriarchy, women have been silenced, often violently, for speaking out and speaking up for ourselves and for feminine values. Mystical women who dared to share their spiritual visions were called witches and burnt at the stake, or called crazy and shut away in asylums.

This historical legacy lives on in our bodies and energy systems. Many women hold a lot of FEAR in our throats, afraid to speak our truth. We may be afraid that if we really share our spiritual beliefs and intuitive insights, we’ll be ridiculed, belittled, and not taken seriously. On a deep cellular level, we may even be afraid of being tortured, raped and killed.

In Module 3 of our Feminine Power astro-energy series, we’ll clear the patriarchal distortions held in the Throat and Third Eye chakras, associated with the astrological Mercury and Jupiter. Working at the level of energy changes the blueprint for what manifests in our lives, and doing this work in a supportive community of Sisters makes this change faster, easier – and more fun!

Join us in Voice and Vision and:

  • Feel more confident in trusting and following your intuition
  • Embody your vision and share it courageously
  • Speak more powerfully, with your full body behind you
  • Increase your ability to see and manifest your vision for yourself and for the world
  • Refine your intuition and and further open your Third Eye

This Module includes three sessions, each about 75 minutes long:

Session 1: Voice/Mercury/Throat Chakra

Session 2: Vision/Jupiter/Third Eye Chakra

Session 3: Integration Session – refining your knowing and speaking


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