Fundamentals of Feminine Power, Module 2


Our Fundamentals of Feminine Power series is focused on dismantling our INNER patriarchy. Emily shares her divinely feminine astrological insights about the planets and chakras, and Katie Todd guides the group through powerful energy healing. We delve into each energy center to uncover and heal wounds and distortions, and we update each center to support us to stand in our authentic Feminine Power.

Heart-Centered Solar Feminine Power

As women, we’ve been conditioned to suppress our solar power and lead with our hearts, nurturing others but neglecting to shine our light and take power in the world. Conversely, to achieve success in this patriarchal paradigm, many women have closed off their hearts, operating from their masculine but shutting down their ability to receive love, support and nourishment.

In Module 2 of our Astro-Energy Training, you will:

  • Increase your confidence and strengthen your ability to stay in your center
  • Heal patterns of shame, powerlessness, abandonment and self-rejection
  • Step into greater power – while staying connected with your heart
  • Balance and integrate your inner masculine and feminine

Listen to the 40-minute preview call for an introductory understanding of the Solar Plexus and Heart, their relationship with the astrological Sun and Moon, and receive powerful energy work from Katie to activate and amplify your Solar Feminine power.

Each session of Module 2 includes astrological insight into the Sun and Moon, and how these planets live in your body, as well as energy healing for these centers. Explore the relationship between the Solar Plexus and Heart and the lower chakras, to help you understand how these centers work together, and to achieve balance and integration between them.

This Module includes four sessions, combining Emily’s astrological insight with Katie’s energy work, each about an hour. For each session, you’ll receive suggested homework practices, to help you embody and integrate the insights and energy work in the class.

Session 1: The Sun and Solar Plexus Chakra – being seen, shining your light, staying in your center, amplifying your radiance, strengthening personal boundaries; the relationship between the Solar Plexus and the Womb and Root chakras

Session 2: The Moon and Heart Chakra – connecting the upper and lower chakras/spiritual wisdom and physical reality; self-love and self-acceptance; healing your mother wounds; receiving nurturing and support

Session 3: Solar Plexus and Heart – expressing the power of your heart; balancing masculine and feminine, will and surrender; staying with yourself while caring for others

Session 4: Integration Session – heart and womb/Moon and Venus integration (different expressions of the feminine); integrating heart and solar plexus with the root


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