Alchemy and Initiation: The Healing Power of Chiron in Your Chart


with Emily Trinkaus & Erik Roth
Saturday, July 25, 10am-5pm at TaborSpace in Portland, OR
includes Friday night talk

Join Erik and Emily for an in-depth, interactive workshop centered on the Chiron Initiation.

Chiron, an astronomical body orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, serves as a bridge from the limits of our hard reality to the invisible and transpersonal realm. By understanding the symbolic and hidden language of Chiron, we bring awareness to our core wounds as well as our unique path of healing.

Participants will work with their own birth chart, and we’ll guide you through a detailed analysis of your natal Chiron, as well as the Chiron Return cycle. You’ll gain a deeper level of understanding of Chiron’s gifts in your life – how to alchemize your wounds to heal yourself and share your gifts with the world.

Together, we’ll integrate our new or expanded understanding of Chiron through creative process and ceremony.

Snacks and tea will be provided; please bring your lunch with you. Audio recordings (of both the Friday talk and Saturday workshop) will be made available for participants.

This workshop is limited to 12 participants. Early Registration through July 1st: $185; after July 1st: $215. The workshop fee includes Erik & Emily’s talk on Friday, July 24th, 7-9pm: Chiron in Aries: Evolution of the Spiritual Warrior (also at TaborSpace).


Baseerik rothd in the Portland, Oregon area, Erik is a certified Shamanic Astrologer from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS), where he is also serves as the Managing Director.  Find out more



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