Chiron Return Astro-Support Group

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For women in or approaching their Chiron Return in Aries
8 Fridays 2x/month, starting March 8, 10-11:15am Pacific, via Zoom videoconferencing
20 participants max

The planet Chiron returns to where it was when you were born at age 50-51, signifying the end of one cycle and the start of a new phase of life. The Chiron Return is a time to step into the role of mentor, initiator and elder, to activate your healing gifts and powers at a higher level in service to the community.

For women, this transition often coincides with the physiological, emotional and spiritual shifts of menopause.

Chiron points to both our deepest wounds and greatest gifts. In Aries, Chiron’s wounds and gifts are centered on: identity, strength, confidence, courage, assertion, leadership and personal power.

At the Chiron Return, our core wounds are activated, asking us to come into a more mature, accepting, compassionate relationship with the parts of ourselves we can’t “get rid of,” fix or heal.

This group offers support for your journey through this major life transition in the form of:

  • Astrological wisdom and guidance (interpreting Chiron in the birth chart, the cycle of personal Chiron transits, and Chiron’s current activity in the sky)
  • Understanding the myth of Chiron, and the parts of the myth most relevant to Aries-style wounds and gifts
  • Opportunities to share your experiences and insights in a safe and supportive community of like-minded sisters (in the live sessions and in a “secret” Facebook group)

In each session, we’ll use example charts from class participants to deepen our understanding of the Chiron Return and how it manifests in real life.

All women born with Chiron in Aries are welcome, regardless of previous astro-experience – yes, beginners too! (You are in or approaching your Chiron Return in Aries if you were born between: April 1-October 18, 1968; January 30, 1969-May 28, 1976; or October 13, 1976-March 28, 1977)

Live meeting dates: March 8 & 22; April 12 & 26; May 10 & 24; June 7 & 21 (recordings will be available if you’re unable to make it to the live sessions)

Disclaimer! This group is not intended as therapy or as a substitute for therapy. Please contact me if you’re not sure whether it’s a fit.

  • Min: $150.00Max: $250.00

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