Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse: High-Pressure Portal Into A New Reality



The Capricorn Solar Eclipse, December 25-26, is a super-charged New Moon signifying a major death and rebirth.

What’s dying? The old personality/egoic structures that keep us stuck in our small selves; the old forms in our lives that are no longer aligned with who we are now and who we are becoming; the old patterns of victimization and projecting our authority onto anything and anyone outside of ourselves.

And what’s being born? New forms and structures that can hold and support the emergence of our genius, creativity and authenticity; the awareness that we are 100% responsible for our experience and creations – and a new sense of empowerment arising from that awareness; a renewed sense of faith that comes from deep within and does not depend on things looking like we think they should in the world or in our lives.

In this one-hour New Moon recording, Emily gives you in-depth astro-navigational guidance for this new Eclipse cycle, in effect for the next 6 months and even 19 years.

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