Capricorn New Moon: Integration and Irrevocable Change

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The first New Moon of 2021 (January 13th, 12am eastern) occurs at 23 degrees Capricorn – just one degree from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that took place on January 12th last year, catalyzing the global transformation initiated in 2020.

This New Moon invites reflection on the past year, integration of the changes you’ve been through, as well as seed-planting for a new vision for the future. This is a time to set intentions for not only the new lunar cycle but the new calendar year.

Having gone on the Underworld journey of 2020, now what? How have you changed over the past year, how have your priorities and values shifted, what is important to you NOW? What do you want to create in this new calendar year and this new Aquarian paradigm?

Pluto closely conjoins with the New Moon, bringing opportunities to own your power and step into your authority to transform your world.

This Plutonian activation can feel extreme and messy. We’re in the great dismantling of the old systems and the old paradigms, in the death throes of the Pisces Age, and all the shadows are coming up to be acknowledged, felt, healed and transformed.

Adding to the extreme-ness, Uranus the Great Awakener – planet of revolution, liberation, sudden change and “expect the unexpected” – is also very active at this New Moon, and for all of 2021.

Uranus calls for being flexible, adaptable, ready to pivot in an instant, and flowing with change. And – most importantly! – TRUSTING that these changes are ultimately taking you in a positive direction, even if you can’t see how it’s all going to play out.

There is SO MUCH astrology happening right now, and Emily reveals all the Virgoan details in this 75-minute New Moon call. You’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance for utilizing these potent planetary energies for growth, healing and success.

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