Cancer Solar Eclipse: Free Fall Into the Mystery



The Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 2nd is an extra-powerful New Moon that sets into motion new beginnings that will develop over the next six months and even 19 years. Cancer is the sign of home, family, roots, mothering and intimate relationships – all arenas for major change.

The Eclipse conjoins with the North Node in Cancer, supporting us to create new projects, relationships and life directions that are truly fulfilling, nurturing and supportive. We’re challenged to trust the unseen more than the seen, to trust our instincts to guide us toward what FEELS good, and release attachment to how we think our lives “should” look.

These very positive new potentials require that we let go of what we’ve outgrown – a death to make space for the rebirth. The “death” in this case might feel especially heavy, karmic, holy-shit-can-I-really-let-go-of-THAT??? because this Eclipse opposes Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn.

This rare conjunction, in effect throughout 2019, signifies a phase of MASSIVE karmic clearing, in preparation for an equally massive rebirth in January 2020. The old structures, what used to work, what used to “make sense,” no longer hold and in fact are limiting our evolution.

The Cancer Solar Eclipse wants to take us to a much more joyful place – but only if we’re willing to LET GO and free-fall into the Mystery.

In this 70-minute recording, Emily gives you all the Virgoan astro-details about the Eclipse and practical guidance for navigating this transformational portal for healing, growth and success.

And, you’ll receive powerful energetic support from our special guest star, energy magician Katie Todd! She’ll help you deepen your sense of trust, create more inner spaciousness, connect with your BIG self, and release fear and the urge to control.

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