Cancer Lunar Eclipse: Feeling through the Dark and Into A New Reality

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The Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, peaking January 10th, opposes the Saturn-Pluto conjunction – bringing up strong FEELINGS about this time of massive dismantling and transformation. The emotional energy being stirred up is extreme, there’s a lot to process, and the pressure is on to release whatever is blocking our highest soul growth.

As Saturn and Pluto come to the very end of their cycle that started in 1982, we’re navigating major completions, especially in relationship-land. The new Saturn-Pluto cycle will begin at their precise conjunction on January 12th, marking a major turning point – the closing of one reality and the seed-planting for new (and still very mysterious) forms and structures.

Coinciding with the Cancer Lunar Eclipse, Uranus – the Great Awakener – will turn from retrograde to direct. Uranus’ station further amps up the emotional intensity and the potential for unexpected changes and reversals. Uranus direct signals a wake-up call to break free from stuckness and stagnation and step into our higher purpose, higher vibration, and unique genius.

The co-incidence of these major cosmic events adds up to the most potent astrology of our lives! The extreme energies open a portal for awakening – we are being squeezed through the darkness of the unknown and into a new level of consciousness that will make it possible to create “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (in the words of Charles Eisenstein).

In this 60-minute lunar transmission, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance and inspiration from Emily for making the most of these powerful planetary currents. And, you’ll receive a group energy-healing session from special guest priestess Katie Todd! Katie guides you to: help your nervous system grow in capacity so you can feel safe while feeling all there is to feel; unwind the mental patterns that are hooked into fear-based conditioning; and soften the tightness and resistance that’s blocking the flow of energy.

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