Cancer Full Moon: Feeling, Healing & Closing Out 2020

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The epic conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at Solstice (December 21st) catalyzed a powerful influx of Aquarian, new-paradigm energies.

As our systems integrate this energetic upgrade in the post-Solstice aftermath, it’s possible to experience a big contraction. Strong emotions and shadows may arise, asking to be felt, embraced, healed and released to make space for the new.

Tuesday’s Full Moon in Cancer (December 29, 10:28pm eastern), the final lunation of this !@#$%&*!!! year, supports the completion and integration process. The Moon is at home, in her full power, in watery, sensitive Cancer. Our deep feelings, needs and sensitivities are in the spotlight, and we may feel more vulnerable and inward (and crabby!) than usual.

The first lunation of 2020 was also a Cancer Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse) on January 10th. These Cancer Full Moon bookends to the year remind us that, no matter what is (or is not) manifesting “out there,” ultimately what matters is how we FEEL, and the depth of connection we experience with others.

As we close out a year that’s brought massive changes in the outer world, the Cancer Full Moon invites us to reflect on our INNER journey over the past year. Compared to January, how emotionally fulfilled and connected do you feel? How has your sense of belonging, of feeling at home in your own being, shifted? What inner resources have you discovered and cultivated?

In this 80-minute Full Moon recording, you’ll get all the astro-details to support you in navigating this potent, final lunation of 2020. We cover the Full Moon’s square to Chiron and sextile to Uranus, Venus on the South Node squaring Neptune, Mars getting back up to speed, and much more!

You’ll also receive energetic support to help release the fear of change, and to balance the Uranus archetype (revolution & awakening) and the Crown chakra (your connection with your higher self and divine guidance).

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