Aries New Moon: Alchemize Fear Into Power

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The Aries New Moon, March 24th, offers the potential to expand your understanding of who you are, and transmute fear into power.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, asks, Who am I? How you answer that question determines every other aspect of your life, and especially – how much power you think you have as a creator of your reality.

Most of us in this culture have a very wounded and limited sense of identity – an identity that says we’re all alone, we’re separate from god/goddess, separate from each other, victims of circumstances “out there.”

This New Moon conjoins with Chiron – the Wounded Healer, Shaman and Initiator – opening the potential to alchemize your wounded perception of who you are, and step into a more expanded version of self.

The New Moon and Chiron also square the nodal axis, stirring up karmic and ancestral wounding. The fear that’s getting triggered on a mass scale is NOT a result of current events, it’s been held in the collective psyche for lifetimes. And now it’s all coming up for a massive karmic clearing.

Energy magician Katie Todd is our special galactic guest star for this 80-minute call! In addition to in-depth astro-guidance and inspiration from Emily, you’ll receive powerful energy work from Katie to help you expand out of the “little me” separate self into your true, expansive divinity. She guides you through a simple and effective practice to transmute fear and reconnect you with the source of your power.

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