Aries Full Moon: Healing Breakthroughs



The Aries Full Moon (September 24th) peaks just a few days after Equinox – a major turning point and gate of power in the wheel of the year. It’s time to commit to a new direction, and take decisive action.

The Full Moon closely conjoins Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and squares Saturn, Lord of Karma. This challenging t-square brings awareness to how past wounding impacts our relationships, sense of personal power, and courage to pursue our dreams.

Healing breakthroughs are available if we can take responsibility for our emotional reactions and turn inward, toward the source of our pain.

In this 70-minute lunar download from Emily, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance for working with the Aries Full Moon for growth, healing and success.

You’ll also receive a group energy healing session to balance ANGER and support you in making decisions. And, you’ll get a detailed handout about how to work with Venus retrograde (October 5-November 16).

The link to the recording will be in your order receipt.


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