Aquarius Solar Eclipse: Focus and Free Your Mind



This Aquarius New Moon (February 15, 2018) is also a Solar Eclipse, signifying a major new beginning, as well as a shedding of what we’ve outgrown.

Future-oriented Aquarius is the Visionary, Oracle and Seer. As the last of the air (mental) signs, Aquarius rises above present circumstances, sees the bigger picture, and from that higher perspective envisions radical new possibilities.

It’s time to transform our thinking, renew our visionary powers and plant seeds for new future realities that will grow over the next 19 years.

In this one-hour astro-download from Emily, you’ll learn how to work with these powerful Eclipse energies for growth and success.

Check out this 5-minute excerpt to find out why Saturn is key to this Eclipse, and how to harness its energy. Listen now

In the full recording, you’ll receive much more in-depth astro-guidance so you can make the most of this Eclipse portal.



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