Aquarius New Moon: Awakening, Revelation and Liberation

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The New Moon on February 11th, 2021 features SIX planets in Aquarius – all of the visible planets except Mars. The last time so many planets convened in the sign of the Water Bearer was 1962!

This mega-activation of Aquarian energy can inspire awakening and revelation, downloads from our guides and higher self, dreams and visions for the future, and the longing for freedom and self-expression.

The New Moon also marks Chinese New Year, when we transition from the Year of the Rat to the Year of the Ox.

At the New Moon, Venus and Jupiter – the Lesser and Greater Benefics in traditional astrology – unite for the first time since November 2019. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius opens doorways to inspiring new connections, and is highly auspicious for love, friendship, teamwork and community.

The co-rulers of Aquarius – Saturn and Uranus – are now approaching their first exact square, occurring on February 17th. The old paradigms and reality constructs are shattering, while unexpected opportunities and possibilities are opening up. The energies are unpredictable and chaotic – our personal and collective trajectories can shift suddenly and in surprising or even shocking ways.

Flexibility and adaptability are key to navigating this wild ride. Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities, and trust intuition to guide you to your highest possible future.

In this 75-minute recording, you’ll receive in-depth astro-guidance for this powerful lunar cycle. And, Katie Todd is the special Galactic Guest Star on the call! She helps you feel into your “inner Sun” – your aliveness, passion and purpose – supporting you to circulate your unique gifts in the world. She also helps you anchor safety in your body, so you can more easily surrender to and flow with change.

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