Lunar Creation Circle: a 6-month Sisterhood of astro-creative empowerment

Women at all levels of astro-experience are welcome, including beginners

The next Circle begins October 25, 2019!

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* amplify your feminine creative power

* learn astrology through a down-to-Earth, embodied approach

* get a cosmic perspective on your life and practical guidance for navigating wild times

* pursue your dreams with more pleasure, ease and flow

* strengthen your intuition

* deepen your connection with yourself, other women, and the cosmos

“The Circle provided me with a wealth of astro wisdom which was presented in a practical and easily accessible way…. I enjoyed being a part of a powerful transformational energetic field and an empowering sisterhood.”

The Moon’s ever-shifting phases of darkness and light mirror the rhythms of creation in our own bodies and in our lives.

We plant seeds at the New Moon, or Dark of the Moon, as all life begins in the fertile womb of darkness. These seeds grow as the Moon waxes, and come to fruition at the Full Moon. As the light wanes, we have the harvest, and then the letting go.

Aligning with the lunar cycle is one of the simplest and most effective ways to work with astrology in your everyday life.


Every month we’ll gather before the New Moon and you’ll learn about the themes of the new lunar cycle. The focus is how to flow with the planetary currents and open to their creative and healing potential.

We’ll meet again before the Full Moon – the emotional and energetic peak of each month. The Full Moon is a time of illumination, revelation and breakthrough, and you’ll receive guidance for working with these potent energies.

Between the calls, you’ll get weekly lunar updates, and support for applying the current astro-influences to your own birth chart.

“The Circle has been a huge part of my astrology education… It has also helped me be more intentional in my life by offering a structure for regular intention setting. Plus it helps keep me sane by often naming what I am feeling:)”

Join the Lunar Creation Circle and receive:


  • 12 one-hour New and Full Moon classes (by phone or online)
  • an extra class on how to find the New and Full Moons in your personal birth chart, and interpret what that means (chart examples will be selected from the group, by random drawing)
  • recordings will be available for all classes
  • a private Facebook Temple, where you can mix and mingle with other amazing Priestesses and get answers to your personal astro-questions
  • weekly lunar astro-updates in the Facebook Temple and via email
  • a $65 discount on astrology readings with Emily
  • the option to purchase a personalized report that identifies where the New and Full Moons are happening in your birth chart

“The Circle helped me stay aware of the natural cycles… and come back into tune with ease whenever I found myself pushing or resisting. It provided me with a wealth of astro wisdom which was presented in a practical and easily accessible way.” – Eena

“I feel very supported by the gentle structure that the Circle provides. It supports me in showing up for myself and for life itself with the help of this sacred container. It’s also more fun to tune in to the lunar cycle with a group of fellow magic women. And I’m supported by the insights that you’re providing, Emily, they’re immensely inspiring and encouraging on my path.”

“Information on the astrological weather forecast of the time was articulated the best of any other astrologer I read or listen to.”

“The Circle has given me a sense of grounding, of greater context, of sisterhood/communion. It’s reaffirmed and drawn out the fullness of me as a woman/goddess/priestess.” – Jen

“I feel attuned to the earth, other people, and especially the women in the group, and I really think the astro context helps me to make sense of current events in my life and in the world!” – M.W.

“I always think I’m going crazy and then you interpret the astrology for me and it all makes sense and I’m not alone…. The network of women on these calls always feels like an interwoven web when I’m in the middle of a high wire act. A safety net below. Thank you and thanks to all the incredible women who bring their gorgeous, full, inspiring energy to these calls. It feels so good.”

Dates & Details

All classes will meet for about an hour, starting at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific (except the bonus class – see below). You can tune in via phone or online. If you can’t make it live, all calls will be recorded and you can listen (or re-listen) at your leisure. Dates are subject to change.

1. Friday, Oct 25 – Scorpio New Moon
2. Friday, Nov 8 – Taurus Full Moon
3. Monday, Nov 25 – Sagittarius New Moon
4. Monday, Dec 9 – Gemini Full Moon
5. Monday, Dec 23 – Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse
6. Wednesday, Jan 8 – Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
7. Wednesday, Jan 22 – Aquarius New Moon
8. Thursday, Feb 6 – Leo Full Moon
9. Friday, Feb 21 – Pisces New Moon
10. Friday, March 6 – Virgo Full Moon
11. Monday, March 23 – Aries New Moon
12. Monday, April 6 – Libra Full Moon

Bonus class – learn to find the New and Full Moons in your birth chart and interpret what that means: Saturday, October 26, 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific, for about an hour (via Zoom videoconferencing).

Investment: sliding scale $155-225

Sign up by midnight on Friday, October 18th and you’ll be automagically entered into a drawing to win a free one-hour astro-reading with Emily!


Join the Lunar Creation Circle

“It’s amazing how my new moon wishes starting the energy moving or actually had things happen and manifest in my life easily!”

About Emily, Your Lunar Guide

At an astrology conference in 1999 I heard the late great astrologer Jan Spiller give a talk about her book New Moon Astrology. She gave instructions for making New Moon wishes – which she had done for years, with great success. Like a good Virgo, I took detailed notes, and started doing simple intention-setting rituals at each New Moon.

My understanding of the lunar cycle deepened when I started writing about each New and Full Moon, back in 2002. These “Moon Reports” eventually evolved into my VirgoMagic blog, and later, the lunations column for The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

I love sharing lunar wisdom with women and offering guidance for creating with more ease, flow, pleasure and success.

About Kristine, Assistant Lunar Guide

Kristine Backes is a teacher, healer, astrologer and writer who left a decades-long corporate communications career in 2010 in search of freedom. In the course of the next seven years, she deepened her knowledge and practice of yoga, immersed herself in Ayurveda, learned Reiki, and uncovered a deep intuition about astrology.

Her soul’s passion is showing people how to listen to their own innate wisdom by moving in closer harmony with the natural world and its rhythms. For more info, see

Kristine is available in the Facebook Temple to answer your astro-questions, including support for finding the New and Full Moons in your own birth chart.

“I’m less reactive and more centered. I understand the energies at play and am able to use them intentionally and with focus.”