Get a taste of the Lunar Creation Circle in this 1-hour recording.

The Pisces New Moon invites us to renew our relationship with the invisible, and reconnect with the deepest truth of who we are – infinite, eternal and divine.

Lunar Creation Circle: a 6-month Sisterhood of astro-creative empowerment

The next Circle starts April 14th, early registration through April 1st

* amplify your feminine creative power

* learn astrology through a down-to-Earth, embodied, experiential approach

* support and be supported by a group of Goddesses

* pursue your dreams with pleasure, ease, flow, surrender and grace

* strengthen your intuition and sense of connection with yourself, other women, and the cosmos


Aligning with the lunar cycle is one of the simplest and most effective ways to work with astrology in your everyday life.

When you align with the lunar cycle, you increase your capacity to create what you desire – for yourself and for the world – while experiencing greater ease, flow and success. Through this process you also strengthen your felt sense of connection with yourself, with the natural rhythms, with other women, and with the Multiverse.

As women, our bodies are naturally attuned to the lunar cycle, and since ancient times, Priestesses have gathered to make magic at the New and Full Moons.

Our Lunar Creation Circle draws on this tradition and carries it forward into the modern world. In our Virtual Galactic Temple, women from all over come together at these monthly (moonthly) power times to reawaken and strengthen our innate feminine wisdom and creativity.

New and Full Moon Astro-Guidance

Each New Moon is a seed-planting for a new project or life direction – flavored by the sign of the New Moon as well as the current planetary alignments. Every month we’ll gather a day or two before the New Moon and you’ll learn about the specific themes of the new lunar cycle, and receive guidance for accessing the highest creative potential of the available currents.

We’ll gather again a few days before the Full Moon – the emotional and energetic peak of each month, when the cosmic forces are amplified. The Full Moon is a time of illumination, revelation and breakthrough. You’ll learn how to work with these potent energies for transformation and healing.

You’ll also receive lunar updates, in our secret Facebook Temple and via email, as well as support for applying the current astro-influences to your own personal birth chart.

Join the Lunar Creation Circle and receive:


  • six one-hour New Moon calls
  • six one-hour Full Moon calls
  • a bonus class on how to find the New and Full Moons in your personal birth chart, and how to interpret what that means (chart examples will be selected from the group, by random drawing)
  • recordings are available for all classes if you can’t make it to the live sessions
  • a private Facebook Temple, where you can mix and mingle with other amazing Priestesses, share your intentions and creations, and give and receive support
  • lunar astro-updates in the Facebook Temple and via email
  • a discounted rate on astrology readings with Emily
  • the option (once you sign up) to purchase a personalized pdf that identifies where all the New and Full Moons are happening in your own birth chart for the next 6 months

“The Circle helped me stay aware of the natural cycles… and come back into tune with ease whenever I found myself pushing or resisting. It provided me with a wealth of astro wisdom which was presented in a practical and easily accessible way.” – Eena

“I feel very supported by the gentle structure that the Circle provides. It supports me in showing up for myself and for life itself with the help of this sacred container. It’s also more fun to tune in to the lunar cycle with a group of fellow magic women. And I’m supported by the insights that you’re providing, Emily, they’re immensely inspiring and encouraging on my path.”

“Information on the astrological weather forecast of the time was articulated the best of any other astrologer I read or listen to.”

“The Circle has given me a sense of grounding, of greater context, of sisterhood/communion. It’s reaffirmed and drawn out the fullness of me as a woman/goddess/priestess.” – Jen

“I feel attuned to the earth, other people, and especially the women in the group, and I really think the astro context helps me to make sense of current events in my life and in the world!” – M.W.

Dates & Details

All classes (except the bonus class – see below) will take place at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern. Classes will be recorded so if you miss the live call you can listen (and re-listen) at your convenience. Dates are subject to change.

1. Saturday, April 14 – Aries New Moon
2. Friday, April 27 – Scorpio Full Moon
3. Monday, May 14 – Taurus New Moon
4. Monday, May 28 – Sagittarius Full Moon
5. Tuesday, June 12 – Gemini New Moon
6. Tuesday, June 26 – Capricorn Full Moon
7. Tuesday, July 10 – Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse
8. Thursday, July 26 – Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
9. Thursday, August 9 – Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse
10. Friday, August 24 – Pisces Full Moon
11. Friday, September 7 – Virgo New Moon
12. Saturday, September 22 – Aries Full Moon

Bonus class: Wednesday, April 18, 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern


before April 1st: $188 + receive the Libra Full Moon call on March 29 for FREE

after April 1st: $210

Participants in the current Venus Revolution Immersion receive a $35 discount! Contact Emily for the coupon code


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