Interview with Suzanne Frankenfeld on her Venus Codes podcast, recorded September 24, 2021.

We talk about my personal journey with astrology and experiences with energy medicine; my exploration of the Divine Feminine, Venus & Mary Magdalene; Venus as a warrior goddess; embodying the Divine on earth and the amazing technology that we humans carry within us; the challenges and tasks of the closing Piscean Age and the high-vibe and distorted versions of the Age of Aquarius; and more!

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natural wisdom podcast

Interview with Kristine Backes on her Natural Wisdom Podcast, recorded on September 18, 2021.

We cover a lot of ground, including astrology as a healing art; practical suggestions for getting started with – or deepening your connection with – astrology; astrology as a way of connecting with natural cycles; and a brief foray into current astrological energies and how they are playing out in our lives.

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Venus-Inanna at the Gate of Authority (recorded in April 2017)

Emily gives you an overview of Venus’ cycle in Aries (March 31, 2017-November 1, 2018), and illuminates the 1st Gate – the Gate of Authority – as a portal of initiation. You’ll receive in-depth Venusian guidance, as well as an astro-perspective on the Crown chakra, associated with the planet Saturn. The recording is about an hour.

Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Feminine
recorded July 22, 2014 as a fundraising teleclass for the City of Joy

July 22 is the traditional Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, and this teleclass honors Christianity’s “hidden goddess,” exploring:

  • The significance of Mary Magdalene within the context of the closing Piscean Age
  • Evidence that Mary Magdalene was NOT a penitent whore or Jesus’ wife but a Venusian priestess of the Goddess
  • The “War on Venus” – aka the Inquisition and “witch hunts” – and the legacy of sexual violence against women
  • The reemerging archetype of the Sacredly Sexual Priestess

This event was a fundraiser for a project of V-Day, the City of Joy – a transformational community of women helping women heal from sexual violence in the Congo. If you feel inspired to make a contribution after listening to the recording, you can do so here.

Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Feminine

Rock Your Root! with Emily and Energy Healer Katie Todd

In this 84-minute recording, you’ll get an introductory understanding of the Root, Womb and Earth chakras and their relationship with Mars, Venus and Pluto. Receive powerful energy work to empower your lower chakras!

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Awaken Your Solar Feminine with Emily and Energy Healer Katie Todd

Learn about the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras and their correlation to the astrological Sun and Moon. Katie guides you through potent energy work to activate and amplify your Solar Feminine power. The recording is about 40 minutes.

Learn more about Module 2 of Feminine Power