Welcome to Fundamentals of Feminine Power, Module 1

Rewire Your Foundation, Power Up Your Root

Guidelines for a Successful Experience:

We suggest waiting at least one week between calls. There is so much information and energetic transmissions that need space and time to integrate. It is best to listen to each call twice, as the astrology info is dense and the energy work is multilayered- your system will process what it can, typically what shows itself first. Once that is digested, a new layer or angle on your belief system emerges to be catalyzed. You get something different each time you listen.

Please be gentle and kind with yourself.

Call #1:  Root Chakra and Mars

Homework Suggestions:

1. Set your intention for this Deep Dive!
2. Daily Rooting- check in with root throughout day – set a reminder
3. Create an image (drawing, collage, painting…) – what does your root look/feel like now, and how do you want it to look when you’re fully ROOTED.

Call #2:  Earth Chakra and Pluto

Kate’s chart and Elizabeth’s chart

Homework Suggestions:

1. Pleasurable peeing – Utilize your pee time as a check-in with your root; take your time and enjoy the process!
2. Create your own personalized ceremony of honoring, opening to, and committing to your relationship with Partner/Lover Earth.
3. Daily Rooting – Check in with your root and PLUG INTO EARTH throughout the day; intentionally call on the support of the Earth.
4. Journal about or create an image of: What does trusting your root and trusting the Earth look and feel like?
5. Bonus – inspired by Elizabeth’s session – write from the Earth – “I am the Earth and I…”

Call #3:  Womb Chakra and Venus

Margaret’s chart

Homework Suggestions:

1. Watch (or re-watch) the movie Dangerous Beauty.
2. Notice where you tighten up and see if you can soften and invite pleasure, vulnerability and surrender. Can your feminine allow the masculine to show up here? Bonus: Practice in relationship.
3. Make a desire list (at least 10). Bring womb presence and turn-on to your desires. TALK about your desires outloud! Notice if you want to keep them secret.
4. Root check-in and grounding throughout day. Add womb-muffin-top -tummy-rub love to amplify your feminine presence in your 2nd chakra.

Call #4:  Integration, Love Seats, Closing

Summer’s chart and Julie’s chart

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Thank you for connecting more deeply to your Root and Womb Power!