Welcome to Fundamentals of Feminine Power, Module 2

Heart-Centered Solar Feminine Power

Guidelines for a Successful Experience:

We suggest waiting at least one week between calls. There is so much information and energetic transmissions that need space and time to integrate. It is best to listen to each call twice, as the astrology info is dense and the energy work is multilayered- your system will process what it can, typically what shows itself first. Once that is digested, a new layer or angle on your belief system emerges to be catalyzed. You get something different each time you listen.

Please be gentle and kind with yourself.

Session 1: Solar Plexus/Sun

Suggested homework:

  • The astrological Sun: look at the Sun in your birth chart, its sign and house. What does that tell you about how to recharge your batteries and amplify your light? What does it tell you about your life purpose, how you’re here to shine your unique light?
  • Body practices: Notice how/when you leave yourself while relating with another. Practice returning to center any time you notice yourself leaving: put a hand on your belly, breathe into your belly, feel your feet, relax your body.
  • Brainstorm some ideas for how you can “fill your cup” with pleasure, self-care, etc. in order to nourish your radiance and power. Commit to one small, do-able act of nourishment every day.


Here’s the astrology book (all about the Sun and Moon) that Emily mentioned in class: The Luminaries by Liz Greene
The “Staying in Your Center” meditation Emily mentioned is by Sanaya Roman, and can be purchased from her website (for $7) here

Session 2: Heart/Moon

Suggested homework:

  • The astrological Moon: Look at the Moon in your birth chart, its sign and house (and aspects, for the extra-astro-savvy). What does it tell you about what feeds, nurtures and supports you, and what you need to feel safe and secure?
  • Body practice: Several times throughout the day put your hand on your heart and give yourself the nurturing and deep care to help your heart feel secure and loved.
  • Take a risk – ask a real live person for support that would feel nurturing to your heart. Notice how you RECEIVE this nurturing.
  • Recommended article on secure attachment: “What does a healthy relationship feel like?

Session 3: Solar Plexus + Heart

Suggested homework:

  • Self-discipline is self-love” (as Lawrence says) (3rd + 4th) – Sit with the prayer “My love, my love, show me what to feel so that I may be closer to you” for at least 5 to 10 minutes every day for the next 2 weeks. Use your 3rd chakra will to show up for yourself, hold yourself with tenderness and stay with yourself while you feel whatever you most need to feel.
  • Re-listen to the energy work portion of the call at least once

Find out about Lawrence’s retreats here: Passionate Ease


Session 4: Integration Session

Suggested homework:

  • Take quiet time to connect with your root, womb, solar plexus. When you feel the groundedness, security, and strength from the lower chakras online, allow yourself to feel into the tenderness in your heart. Take a few minutes to feel and breathe into this tenderness. (The tenderness is what we spend the most time and energy defending.)
  • Anoint your solar plexus and heart and say the invocations (from Scent Priestess Diana Dubrow) as you feel the need to support those areas. Solar plexus: “I call forth the Yellow Ray of Honor. Heal me of feelings of unworthiness. Awaken in me the strength and self-confidence to honor myself and hold my power.” Heart: “I call forth the Emerald Ray of Compassion. Bring me into full acceptance of all that life has given me. I open my heart to you, I give you my pain, and I give you my joy. I receive your love as you wash me clean.
  • Suggestions for journaling: What do you notice has shifted in your heart and solar plexus since the beginning of this course? Do you feel like you have new skills, tools, or insights to help you navigate your solar feminine power in your life? What do notice about how your root and womb connect to and communicate with your solar plexus and heart? What are your insights into how the Moon and Venus, Heart and Womb relate to one another in your own life? Does one expression of the feminine – erotic or maternal – show up more strongly than the other?