Hi, I’m Emily. My soul name is CLARITY.


I fell in love with astrology at age 13, when I read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Suddenly the world made sense! I’ve practiced professionally since 1999. Before surrendering to my path as a mystic, I thought I would be an academic and completed a B.A. in English and M.A. in Women’s Studies.

My own healing journey has led me to explore and train in several healing modalities, including BodyTalk and Polarity Therapy. I’m also a certified writing workshop leader in the Amherst Writers & Artists method, and founded Portland Women Writers.

For many years, I wrote a blog at VirgoMagic.com, and my writing has also appeared on Tarot.com and JanSpiller.com. I’m a regular contributor to The Mountain Astrologer magazine, and my article “Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Feminine” was reprinted on astro.com. I self-published a book, all about using astrology to awaken and enhance your creativity: Creating with the Cosmos.

In 2011, hearing the call of the Goddess, I started a research project into Venus and the divine feminine. My research has ranged from scholarly to up-close-and-personal, and has included diverse sources – historical, fictional, channeled, mythological and experiential. This work grew into Venus Revolution, an online Temple supporting women to uncover, remember and embody their Goddess selves.