Divine feminine astrology for healing, empowerment and transformation


It’s time for feminine wisdom to restore balance on Earth, to reawaken divinity in our own bodies and in ALL life.


If you are longing to:

  • Clarify the unique role you came here to play
  • Uncover your divinity and step into more of your power
  • Deepen trust in your own knowing and strengthen your inner guidance system
  • Connect with a sisterhood of cosmically-attuned women committed to an evolutionary path

I can help!



I’m Emily Trinkaus, an astrologer and priestess devoted to the reemerging sacred feminine.


I believe that the Goddess is returning in us and through us.

I serve as a catalyst for you to remember the truth of who you are.

I’m passionate about transformation, and I work with astrology as a tool for healing, empowerment and feminine wisdom.

I’m here to support you with:


* My writing and audio – a good way to get to know me and feel into whether working with me is a YES

* One-on-one Soul Clarity astrology readings

* In-depth online programs for women – Lunar Creation Circle and Venus Revolution

* Live and recorded astrology classes

“You opened a doorway or portal to allow the full remembrance of my Divine Feminine energy – the ancient piece of truth, wisdom, and royalty – into my current incarnation. Thank you for opening your heart so I and others might be transformed.” – Dani, Venus Revolution

“Emily is a truly gifted teacher; open, sensitive, articulate and authentic. She has such a deep understanding of the astrological archetypes, that I continue to learn from her, even though I am a professional astrologer myself.” – Judy, Venus Revolution

“I have journeyed in this Venusian Temple this past year and it has been like taking a long dip in a magical healing pond. It has been truly life changing. I love and honor and celebrate myself as a woman, and all women, as never before.” – Caro, Venus Revolution

“What an unbelievable year of these moon calls. I feel so much more in tune with the larger universe as well as the Earth through following the moon cycles so closely, and I can sure feel the astro energies!” – Kristine, Lunar Creation Circle

“Thank you for sharing your rich wisdom in such a beautiful way. For breaking it down into the practical accessible details while also opening windows and doors to the bigger picture. It has been a joyous and powerful journey that has brought me even closer to the moon and my own knowing.” – Eena, Lunar Creation Circle